Welcome to Ligne St Barth

All around the world, an active network of dedicated believers conveys our philosophy of combining luxurious beauty care with the Caribbean way of life. Today, Ligne St Barth can be found in the world’s most exclusive wellness retreats; our products and unparalleled spa treatments are offered at selected hotels and perfumeries around the globe. Our partners share our ethos of outstanding quality and our desire to create unique feel-good moments for you.

A2a Kosmetik M. Elfner
Akademiestr. 2A, Heidelberg 69117, Germany

Hamburger Hof Parfümerie AEZ
Heegbarg 31, Hamburg 22391, Germany

Hamburger Hof Parfümerie Gänsemarkt
Gänsemarkt 50, Hamburg 20354, Germany

Hamburger Hof Parfümerie Jungfernstieg
Jungfernstieg 26, Hamburg 20354, Germany

Königsparfümerie Dresden
Neumarkt 9, Dresden 01069, Germany

Parfümerie Prott
Huestr. 7, Bochum 44787, Germany

Parfümerie Unique
Lüllauerstr. 1, Jesteburg 21266, Germany

Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper
Rüttenscheider Str. 111, Essen 44649, Germany

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  • Perfumery
  • Spa

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