Elixirs from paradise

Following nature’s lead, the indulgent oils and creams, gels and lotions which we develop in Saint-Barthélemy embody the Caribbean way of life. The formulas combine handed-down knowledge with up-to-date research. They elicit the very best from the exotic ingredients. The unique, fine consistencies and fragrances are a treat for both the body and the senses. Pampering and effective, our beauty care is designed for all skin types.

Every bottle is an ambassador from paradise…

The three sizes



Tropical bliss

Unmistakably Caribbean and yet versatile, our products can be used under palm trees, on endless beaches or anywhere you would like to experience the Caribbean way of life.

Our product ranges

Exquisite care for every day, home spa relaxation or when you are travelling: the Ligne St Barth peeling creams and masks, oils and gels, splashes and creams cleanse, purify, tone, firm and nourish the skin with natural nutrients. St Barth Corps & Bain is a body and haircare range, while St Barth Visage is designed for the face and décolleté. Meanwhile, St Barth Solaire is all about sun protection. St Barth Homme was developed for men. St Barth Sea Breeze is as refreshing as a day by the sea, while St Barth Originals is our heritage edition consisting of three classics. Exotic notes predominate in the St Barth Fragrance line. The category St Barth Specialties comprises accessories and gifts.