The Relaxing World

Let time stand still. In addition to exquisite beauty care, Ligne St Barth is also synonymous with luxurious treatments. Our spa experience stems from the origins of the brand. From massages and face masks to bath treatments, we offer international guests spa treatments at a private villa in Saint-Barthélemy or on their own yacht. Each treatment is also a pledge to meet the highest standards of individuality and authenticity and to create unique spa moments every single time.

Special places

St Barth Spa has a long history: the company developed pioneering spa concepts for the legendary Roaring Pavilion in Jamaica in 1998 and St Barth’s Eden Rock. Today, Ligne St Barth can be found in the world’s most exclusive wellness retreats as a spa partner. Its unmistakable concept combines Caribbean nonchalance with feel-good pampering.

Gentle rituals allow body and soul to sink into complete relaxation.

Happiness & sensuousness

Savour the sweetness of carefully chosen fruits while exotic flowers beguile you with their scent. With every treatment, Ligne St Barth presents a tray of ingredients combining the riches of tropical gardens with selected products. Freshly prepared for each guest, our peeling creams, body wraps and masks unfold their unique effectiveness and delight the senses.

Purity & peace

Switch off and allow us to attend to your every need with luxurious treatments tailored to your skin’s specific needs and your individual preferences. Enjoy a feeling of purity and perfect moments of Caribbean nonchalance, which you will wish could last for ever.


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