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A peeling treatment unfolds in circular movements, whilst a massage gently caresses us with oil. Then the clarity of a cooling gel and the refreshing kick of a body splash – each treatment has its own temperature, texture and effect to touch our skin and heart. We focus on people and their well-being – with a comprehensive spa menu which pampers body and soul. Treatments are made individually and are freshly prepared in front of the guest using tropical fruits. A blend of selected products, exquisite aromas and special relaxation rituals makes St Barth spa treatments a truly unparalleled experience.

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Our Spa Treatments

St Barth Dream

Fragrant beauty bath

An individual beauty bath with milk and a specifically selected aroma blend of three ingredients: mild shower gel is mixed, if desired, with a body oil and a body lotion from Ligne St Barth to form a nourishing bath oil. A cleansing ritual and sensuous experience: the bath nourishes the skin, lending it fragrance and a velvety sheen.

Duration of treatment: ~ 20 minutes

Spa philosophy

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