St Barth Corps & Bain

Immerse yourself in the moment and enjoy the gentleness of a peeling cream, the warming oil of a massage or the refreshing boost of a shower gel. The hair and body care range draws on the treasures of tropical gardens: avocado, aloe vera, coconut or papaya – exotic ingredients and aromatic essences indulge your senses and cleanse, moisturise and nourish the skin.

Oil for your senses

Oil on our skin is a sensuous experience. Flowing like velvet, it caresses your body and soul while its warming aura imparts a sense of well-being. Thanks to its opulence and purity, oil is considered luxurious and epitomises tropical beauty care. Coconut oil and avocado oil have been part of Ligne St Barth’s exquisite product range since day one.

Refreshing gel

Apply a very thin layer to your body and feel the refreshing coolness immediately: gel is quickly absorbed, moisturising and vitalising. Used like a beauty serum, gels have their own special skills: ivy gel tautens and gives tired skin around the eyes an invigorating boost. Meanwhile, aloe vera gel provides a hydrating finish and makes our skin feel smooth and supple.

Showering & exfoliating

Whether you prefer an invigorating cascade or droplets gently covering your body, showering is far more than a daily cleansing routine. Showering makes us feel good – and is a chance to pamper our skin with either light gel, velvety shower cream or fruity peeling cream.


Spirulina loves the sun’s warming rays and the mineral-rich water of the tropics, thriving above all in lakes. While this special micro-algae drifts along, it does a valuable job by transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen. Ligne St Barth uses its wealth of trace elements.

Pampering & nourishing

After cleansing, our skin longs for protection and care. The lotions and creams from Ligne St Barth nourish it naturally with selected ingredients. We enjoy their delicate shimmer and the exotic scent which stays with us all day long.


Exotic, rich and effective: banana – a time-honoured tropical fruit – is a wonderful ingredient. It gives its all to care for our hands every day: nourishment and a deep sense of well-being.