St Barth Fragrance

Fragrance enchants our senses the moment it gently envelops our skin and hair. Ligne St Barth has developed eight original fragrances. The poetic names of the seven Eaux de Toilette awaken associations of a host of exotic aromas, places and stories from the tropical islands, while the perfume is a homage to Caribbean vanilla. All of the bottles are embellished with artistic symbols. Inspired by the Arawaks’ traditional letters, they lend each fragrance a spiritual aura.

Fragrance on the skin

Fragrance seems weightless – its molecules surround us, floating in a delicate cloud. To wear fragrance in the sun, spray it on your hair and clothing instead of directly on your skin.

Fragrance intensifies the moment: choose an opulent scent on a hot summer’s evening to enjoy a hint of Caribbean nonchalance.


Its luxurious sweetness is inviting and familiar, sophisticated and exotic: tropical vanilla was once as important as gold. Today, it is synonymous with warmth and softness. As a fragrance or flavouring, vanilla has the power to touch our hearts.