St Barth Solaire

Enjoy the sensation of golden light on your skin while the shadows of palm trees dance over the hot sand. Ligne St Barth has a unique duo that allows you to enjoy the sun without worrying. Our special sun care range comprises dark red tanning oil and the protective sun lotion based on an extract from the seeds of the roucou tree, which stimulates the skin’s melanin production, helping you to achieve a stunning tan.


The Caribbean Indians rubbed crushed seeds of the roucou shrub on their skin to protect themselves from the sun, mosquitoes and sea salt. Today, Ligne St Barth obtains its distinctively red roucou extract using a gentle method which preserves all the active substances. The benefits of this exotic resource form the heart of a unique sun care range.

After Sun

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel has a refreshing coolness that is perfect on hot summer’s days. It soothes the skin after sunbathing and gives it a moisture boost. Its minty smell is light and invigorating for body and soul.