Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil


Avocado Oil, a precious liquid gold from Mother Nature, pampers hair and bod beautifully. Used morning and evening, the oil spreads easily, melting into your skin and clothes it in a protective veil of velvety softness. Delicately fragranced with Tiare flowers, this universal facial and body oil works wonders on mature skin, and is especially effective at preventing stretch marks. Apply to hair before or after shampooing to bring radiance and softness back to your hair, and in order to make them easier to manage. The beneficial properties of this face, body and haircare oil have an instant effect when applied on, or added to your bathwater.

25 ml – 125 ml – 200 ml | 1 fl oz – 4.2 fl oz – 6.8 fl oz


Native to Mexico, the avocado tree (Persea gratissima) is cultivated in tropical and subtropical zones, particularly in the West Indies. It benefits from the sunny climate and ripens under the influence of the multitude Caribbean fragrances that are carried in with the trade winds.

Rich in lecithin and potassium, a true youth-promoting mineral, the fruit flesh contains proteins, beta-carotene and more than 20% of essential unsaturated fatty acids (such as palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids). The sterols in the oil boost its nourishing virtues. Due to containing certain lipids, vitamins and nutrients that occur naturally in the skin, the absorption of avocado oil by the epidermis is effortless. With anti-ageing properties, it significantly increases the amount of collagen in the skin. Its nutritional, regenerative and protective virtues bring elasticity and comfort back to all skin types, especially dry and/or mature skin. Details about the main characteristics and traditional uses have been provided as information here above.



N.B.: An opaque deposit may form at the bottom of the bottle of Avocado Oil. This is liquid wax, which reinforces the nutritional qualities of the avocado oil.

Caress your face and let your aura shine

To nourish and protect your face and neckline, apply Avocado Oil in the morning by lightly massaging in, using your fingertips for the area around your eyes. Use Avocado Oil after the Aloe Vera Gel with Mint to boost moisturizing performance. As part of your evening beauty ritual, Avocado Oil cleanses make-up residue from your face and lashes. Wipe on before applying Cleansing Milk with Frangipani Flowers to boost performance and remove stubborn make-up. As part of your evening beauty ritual, Avocado Oil releases its intoxicating and addictive fragrance. You can also add a few drops to Mango Butter Cream (or Enriched Mango Butter Cream) to nourish and regenerate tired skin.

Massage your body and free your mind

Using soft strokes, apply Avocado Oil to your body when wet to relieve tension and soften your skin. After showering with Extra Mild Shower Gel – suitable for very delicate skins – Avocado Oil reinforces the virtues of this gel with its rich, velvety veil. With a wonderful melting consistency, the oil wraps your body in a warm bubble of tropical perfume, with the scent of white flowers mingling with green, aqueous notes. Used as a massage oil, it transmits a mellow, comforting feeling of well-being. A day to day use of Avocado Oil ensures a longer lasting tan. Combine with Coconut Oil for even more intensive nourishment and to combat dry skin.

Enjoy a soak in the bath for silky smooth skin

Before getting into a hot bath, apply Avocado Oil all over your body. Once in the water, gently massage all over to gain maximum benefit from the oil’s many virtues. Avocado Oil is also the perfect exfoliating complement to Papaya Peeling Shower Cream. Dry yourself after a bath by patting your body with a soft towel, leaving your skin smooth, supple and soothed.

Prevent stretch marks and find inner harmony

Avocado Oil is the perfect ally for pregnancy. Massage your body with Avocado Oil morning and evening, focusing on delicate areas (stomach, chest, thighs and bottom) to restructure the lipid barrier. Significantly improving the elasticity of the skin, Avocado Oil reduces the appearance of stretch marks and enhances your beauty regime with a sensory, emotional and affectionate dimension.

Pamper your nails for perfect hands

Put a few drops of Avocado Oil on the tips of your fingers and massage in gently until absorbed. The oil strengthens your nails and softens your cuticles, enhancing your manicure. Applying Avocado Oil all over your hands soothes damaged and dry skin. Smoothing, revitalizing and softening, your hands will regain their wonderfully fine elegance.

Pamper your hair for a radiant look

Spread avocado Oil into damp hair and allow to rest for 30 minutes. (Wrap your head in a warm towel to boost performance.) Apply as an overnight hair mask to damaged hair to gain full benefit of the oil and perfume your hair with a fresh scent of white musk. Rinse off using Extra Mild Shampoo with Spirulina Algae and Revitalizing Cream Rinse with Cotton Seed Milk Scented Jasmine. Use a slight amount of Avocado Oil on the ends of your hair to keep them looking beautiful. Nourishing your scalp and hair prevents hair from drying out due to the wind, sun and water from the sea or pool. Avocado Oil brings shine and vitality back to dull and lifeless hair.