The spirit of nature

Immerse yourself in the richness of tropical flora with a skincare range which captures the endlessness of the ocean, inspired by fragrant flowers, exotic fruits and Caribbean nonchalance. For over three decades, Ligne St Barth has been combining handed-down knowledge of plants’ healing powers with new research to create unique formulas which harmonise effectiveness and well-being.

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Elixirs from Paradise

Authenticity and sophistication: indigenous to the Caribbean, the oils, lotions and creams of Ligne St Barth embody the islands’ way of life. Botanical ingredients purify, balance, nourish and protect the skin. Fine textures and fragrances pamper your body and soul.

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The Relaxing World

With its luxurious treatments, Ligne St Barth maintains a high-end spa culture which is closely interwoven with the beauty traditions of Saint-Barthélemy. Body wraps, peelings and masks are all individually prepared for our guests using exotic fruit. The blend of exquisite products and special rituals gives rise to these perfect moments of relaxation, which could last forever. An experience to live.

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A Treasured Place

As unique as its home: Ligne St Barth’s roots are in Saint-Barthélemy, one of the most stunning islands in the Caribbean. Our products are developed at our own site in the heart of the island: each and every one of them is an ambassador from paradise.

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Dive into the tropical bliss of Ligne St Barth


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