Sea Breeze

The natural source of sensation

To mirror the spirit of a Sea Breeze, the frosted-glass bottles are decorated with a transparent wave – a symbol of the power of Mother Nature.  The freshness of the ocean and the fragrant rhythm of the wash, Sea Breeze is a wave of sensation that plunges you into a feeling of well-being…

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Shower Gel

Conjuring up images of turquoise waters shimmering beneath the dazzling sun, the Blue Lagoon Shower Gel is an exhilarating new body care product that leaves your skin purified and freshly fragranced. Like the fine foam that graces the white sandy shores of a lagoon, the delicate, creamy lather of this fresh and salty gel tenderly cleanses your face and body. This light and seductive azure blue shower gel warms with the water to release a fragrance of the sea with a touch of musk, transporting you to far-off lands. Green and pure notes of driftwood are swept along in a salty wave of sensual splendour. The Blue Lagoon Shower Gel complements the virtues of other beauty care products in the LIGNE ST BARTH range.

200 ml | 6.8 fl oz


The Caribbean seawater is collected off the coast of St Barthélémy island in calm, clear conditions, before being purified and filtered. This natural and rare element has a unique composition – a truly exotic treasure. Rich in minerals, it provides a wonderful feeling of well-being. Similar to thermal spring water, it is a natural skin moisturiser that restores pH balance and leaves skin feeling soothed, supple and radiant. Reputed for its astringent and re-mineralising qualities, Caribbean seawater tones all skin types, including extremely sensitive skin.


The coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is the hallmark of tropical island coasts. The palm enjoys a long lifespan and has played a traditional role in the beauty of Caribbean women. The fruit of this tree – the coconut – is eaten fresh, dried, shaved, desiccated and as cream of coconut throughout the year.

Coconut oil, obtained by pressing the dried flesh of the coconut, is used in cosmetics to nourish, soften and protect both skin and hair. Rich in fatty acids (including lauric and myristic acids) and vitamins A and E, it provides intensive nourishment for particularly dry, rough, damaged, chapped or inelastic skin.

Details of properties and traditional uses are provided for information purposes only.

The Blue Lagoon Shower Gel formula has been specially developed using mild cleansing agents – essentially plant-derived – that respect the natural balance of the skin.


A purifying, beauty-enhancing product with holistic benefits

Bringing you the flavour of the Caribbean lifestyle every day in the shower, the Blue Lagoon Shower Gel is a source of natural sensations, allowing you to enjoy the natural benefits and fragrance of the Caribbean.

To wash off sand and salt from the sea, or rid yourself of tension from a long, hard day, a shower or bath with the Blue Lagoon Shower Gel lets you tune back into positive vibes.

Rub onto wet skin in the shower to produce a wonderful lather. It rinses off easily, leaving the skin clean, soft and swathed in a protective cloak of aquatic freshness.

Use as a bubble bath by pouring under running bath water, filling the bathroom with a fabulous fragrance and enrapturing the senses.


Face and Body Splash

Conjuring up images of exhilarating bracing waves, the new Sunsplash Face & Body Splash is an invigorating, fragrant, and refreshing addition to your beauty routine. This light, dusty, rose-coloured water moisturises, refreshes, and tones your face and body without being sticky. It exudes a citric perfume with a floral middle note, inspired by the sensory richness of a Garden of Eden on a tropical island. The delicately colourful notes of citrus fruit, hibiscus, and jasmine assemble like precious pearls of dew hidden inside the folds of leaves. The Sunsplash Face & Body Splash complements the virtues of other beauty care products in the LIGNE ST BARTH range.

200 ml | 6.8 fl oz


Discovered in the West Indies at the end of the 18th century, the pomelo (Citrus paradisi) or ‘forbidden fruit’ as it is known, is frequently referred to as a grapefruit. The fruit of the grapefruit tree (Citrus maxima) is a citrus fruit that is extremely similar, albeit larger than the pomelo. The latter is derived from the natural crossing of the grapefruit and orange trees (Citrus maxima x Citrus sinensis), which explains its botanic name, Citrus x paradisi.

The fragrant water is obtained by extracting the essential oil and water from the peel and pulp of grapefruit through a process of slow and cool evaporation of its water. The grapefruit water contains water-soluble nutrients (vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements), as well as traces of aroma found in the fragrant water. Moisturising, toning, and refreshing with a zesty tangy fragrance, grapefruit water revitalises skin and gives tired complexions a boost. Wonderfully soothing, this water purifies the skin and tightens pores.


Belonging to the genus aloe, aloe vera or Barbados Aloe (Aloe barbadensis) has been known since antiquity and was used by the Egyptians for its medicinal and cosmetic qualities over 3,000 years ago. Cleopatra is reputed to have added aloe vera juice to her bath as part of her beauty routine. This plant became popular in traditional medicine in many hot regions of the world, including the Caribbean, from the 17th century onwards, where it remains widely cultivated today.

The sharp leaves of this tenacious-looking oily plant are carefully cut off to allow the aloe vera juice, or gel, to be extracted.

It is extremely rich in vitamins (A, B, C, E, etc.), trace elements and minerals (such as calcium, phosphorous, potassium, iron, etc.), enzymes (including bradykinin with anti-inflammatory, skin-healing properties), sugars (mannose 6-phosphate and acemannan with moisturising and emolient qualities), glycoproteins and amino acids (phenylalanine, leucine, lysine, etc., which are involved in skin regeneration), polysaccharides, etc.. Aloe vera is a cocktail of active agents, some of which are yet to be identified.

A beauty formula within a formula, this natural resource brings a multitude of benefits – it is a soothing, moisturising, regenerating, firming, purifying astringent, suitable for all skin types.


Allantoin is naturally occurring in various plants such as the roots of the common comfrey or wheatgerm. Traditionally exploited for its skin-healing and repairing properties in medicine, it is used to stimulate renewal of the epidermis and regulate the inflammatory process. Its softening and soothing qualities work particular wonders on sensitive and irritated skin. This regenerative agent moisturises the skin (by improving the skin’s capacity to retain moisture) and has a keratolytic effect, leaving skin soft and radiant.


The Caribbean seawater is collected off the coast of the island of St Barthélémy in calm, clear conditions, before being purified and filtered.

This natural and rare element boasts a unique composition – a true exotic treasure. Rich in minerals, it provides a wonderful feeling of well-being. Similar to thermal spring water, it is a natural skin moisturiser that restores pH balance and leaves skin feeling soothed, supple and radiant. Reputed for its astringent and re-mineralising qualities, Caribbean seawater tones all skin types, including extremely sensitive skin.

Please note: At the heart of the formula, allantoin reinforces the soothing, softening and skin regenerating properties of the aloe vera.

The alcohol contained in this formula is plant-derived and organic (obtained by distilling fermented ethyl alcohol derived from cereals). Vital for the refreshing and toning properties of the splash, the alcohol does not contain any denaturant that may increase sensitivity to light. Sunsplash Face & Body Splash can therefore be used in the sun.

Details of properties and traditional uses are provided for informational purposes only.


A product with holistic benefits to celebrate and flaunt your natural beauty

Bringing you the flavour of the Caribbean lifestyle throughout the day, the Sunsplash Face & Body Splash is a source of natural sensation, allowing you to enjoy the natural benefits and fragrance of the Caribbean.

The first step of your morning beauty routine: Splash onto your face to rapturously arouse your skin. A source for plant-derived compounds that moisturise and purify your skin, this liquid soaks in immediately leaving you with a radiant complexion.

It can be used on its own on younger skin, or applied as a primer to ensure that your skin gets the maximum benefit of other skincare products.

After showering, apply a generous amount all over your body and rub firmly to invigorate your skin and swathe your body in a delicate fragrance – wonderfully refreshing after the beach, or on the back of your neck after a tough meeting. This light splash evaporates immediately, leaving behind a delicate floral fragrance with a citrus tang.

With a revitalising freshness that lasts throughout the day, this splash is suitable for all skin types.

Premium Care Oil

Premium Care Oil

Hair- and Skincare Oil

Conjuring images of paradisiacal holidays in the Caribbean, our new Premium Care Oil is a sensuous, relaxing, and nourishing addition to your beauty routine. Like a liquid sunset swathing your skin, this golden, glimmering elixir intensely nourishes and protects your face, hair and body. This sublime oil is exceptionally velvety, cloaking the body with a smooth, woody fragrance of hot sand. Notes of sugar cane with hints of vanilla and jasmine send your senses on a sumptuous, sweet-smelling journey of discovery. The Premium Care Oil complements the virtues of other beauty care products in the LIGNE ST BARTH range.

200 ml | 6.8 fl oz


Native to Mexico, the avocado tree (Persea gratissima) is cultivated in tropical or subtropical zones, like the West Indies. Avocados benefit from the sunny climate and ripen under the influence of all the Caribbean fragrances that blow in with the trade winds.

Rich in lecithin and potassium – considered a true youth-promoting mineral – the fruit flesh contains proteins, beta-carotene and more than 20% of essential unsaturated fatty acids, such as palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids. It also contains sterols, which boost the oil’s nourishing power.

Composed of specific lipids, vitamins and nutrients that occur naturally in the skin, the avocado oil is absorbed effortlessly by the epidermis. With anti-ageing properties, it significantly increases the proportion of collagen in the skin. Its nourishing, regenerative, and protective qualities ease all types of skin and return elasticity. It is particularly effective on dry and/or mature skins.

Details of properties and traditional uses are provided for information purposes only.

Please note: An opaque deposit can sometimes be seen at the bottom of the bottle. This is liquid wax that boosts the nutritional value of the oil


A relaxing, beauty-enhancing product with holistic benefits

Bringing you the flavour of the Caribbean lifestyle throughout the day, the Premium Care Oil is a source of natural sensations allowing you to enjoy the natural benefits and fragrance of the Caribbean.

A soothing way to pamper your body after a full day of outdoor sports or a long day in the office. Massaging with Premium Care Oil relaxes, brings your body’s energy back into balance, and reinstates peace of mind. The oil glides beneath your fingertips working to relax and relieve all tension.

This golden oil leaves a lingering ray of light on your body before you go out. It maintains a healthy colour, accentuates a low-cut neckline and leaves tanned legs looking satiny smooth.

Pour into your bathwater or apply this exotic cosmetic oil after showering to nourish skin that has suffered the drying effects of the sun and the sea. Your skin is left soft, protected and radiant.

If your hair has been damaged by the sun, sea, or swimming pool water, or looks lifeless due to urban pollution and wind, apply Premium Care Oil to your hair for 30 minutes, then rinse off using Extra-Mild Shampoo with Spirulina Algae. This hair mask leaves hair looking wonderfully strong and shiny.

A Breath of Fresh Air



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