Immerse yourself in the richness of tropical flora: enjoy the naturalness and sophistication of a skincare product line which is inspired by fragrant flowers, exotic fruits and family savoir faire. For more than four decades, Ligne St Barth has been combining handed-down knowledge of plants’ healing powers with up-to-date research to create unique formulas which are both innovative and timeless, always carefully tailored to the skin’s needs and our modern life.

luxury and serenity

luxury and serenity

Each oil, lotion or cream offers a break from luxury

and serenity for body and mind.

Unique treatments

Harmonising effectiveness, well-being and the Caribbean savoir vivre is the philosophy behind our treatments: Ligne St Barth maintains a high-end spa culture and is now at home in the world’s most exclusive wellness retreats.

Exotic ambassadors

All of the products are developed at the company’s headquarters in the heart of the Caribbean island of Saint-Barthélemy – every single one is an elixir from paradise.