The natural world in the tropics is our source of inspiration. We draw on its riches and understand our responsibility to treat its resources carefully and respectfully. Ligne St Barth has been synonymous with outstanding quality for over 30 years. We primarily use ingredients from natural origins. They are sourced locally, from the islands enabling them to ripen fully. This makes our products distinctively Caribbean.


We combine traditional Caribbean knowledge with cutting-edge technologies to develop extremely gentle manufacturing processes. We only use synthetic alternatives if there are no natural substances – for instance, to extend a formula’s life and make it safe. Our research team verify their effectiveness and constantly look for new natural ingredients which have been scientifically proven to work.

Our criteria of requirement

We select our raw materials according to strict guidelines, quality standards and ethical principles. Our bottles are made from recyclable materials and we use virtually no secondary packaging.

Sorting instructions Our packaging / products may be subject to sorting instructions. 

Origins & responsibility

The laboratory site in the heart of Saint-Barthélemy provides local jobs and the buildings themselves are nestled into the vegetation of this little piece of paradise. The facility complies with special standards to resist damage from earthquakes and hurricanes as a matter of course – and the same is true of ensuring the water and energy cycles are sustainable


Our ethos

Our ethos

We follow strict guidelines, quality standards and ethical principles when we choose our raw ingredients. Our bottles are made from recyclable materials and we barely use any outer packaging.