Welcome to the relaxing world of Ligne St Barth

Let time stand still and devote yourself entirely to this very moment. Immerse yourself in tropical nature and feel the intensity of your surroundings: taste the sweetness of selected fruits that are freshly prepared for every treatment. Fragrant  blossoms are ambassadors from paradise. Luxurious ingredients from exotic flora are used for their cleansing, moisturising  and nourishing properties and are carefully blended to meet the needs of our skin and modern life. Ligne St Barth focuses on people and their well-being – our unmistakeable spa concept combines Caribbean peacefullness with feel-good pampering. The softness of an exfoliating treatment, the warming oil during a massage, the refreshing kick of a body splash – the interplay of fine elixirs and luxurious relaxation rituals indulges both the body and soul.


Relaxing body exfoliation with coconut oil and exotic fruit mousse

A fruity full-body exfoliating massage formula to pamper the body and senses with the treasures of tropical nature: the efficacy of the fresh, enzyme-rich exotic fruit (papaya mousse) unfurls; fine sand gently removes dead skin cells and rich coconut oil provides valuable nutrients. Find  peace  and enjoy clarity – the skin is enveloped in an exotic fragrance and feels silky, soft and smooth. Ideal as preparation for a particularly long-lasting and even tan.
Duration of treatment ~ 45 minutes.


Clarifying body wrap with green clay and cucumber mousse

The creamy body wrap is individually prepared to suit each skin type – with fresh cucumber mousse and green clay. It contains beneficial minerals, trace elements and vitamins; camphor and menthol oil and firming body gel ivy have both a soothing and stimulating effect. Relax and devote yourself entirely to this moment: while the wrap releases its clarifying and firming properties, either a head or foot massage adds a note of well-being.


Duration of treatment ~ 45 minutes



Hydrating body wrap with pink clay and melon mousse

A refreshing body wrap with the maximum moisturising  properties for skin. The succulent galia melon mousse revitalises, while pink clay clarifies, calms and gently cleanses the skin. A fresh kick in the form of aloe vera gel provides a cooling, hydrating finish. Ideal as an aftersun treatment to calm heated skin after sunbathing. With either a head or foot massage.

Duration of treatment ~ 45 minutes


Nourishing body wrapwith relaxation massage 

An opulent body wrap prepared from coconut oil and an individually selected favourite  fragrance: vanilla, lily or tiare flower. Moisturising and nourishing, rich in lipids and precious unsaturated fatty acids. The relaxation massage  with gentle sweeping movements intensifies the effect of the wrap, relaxes the body and caresses the senses.

Duration of treatment ~ 60 minutes (including 25 minutes of massage)


Pampering full-body massage

Enjoy personal relaxation: the focus of the full-body massage and the care products used are tailored to individual needs. Coconut oil is used to care for dry skin,  avocado oil to maintain the skin’s elasticity, camphor & menthol oil and firming body gel ivy for revitalisation, aloe vera gel for intensive moisturising. A luxurious body lotion with your preferred fragrance rounds of the treatment.

Duration of treatment ~ 60 – 90 minutes


Revitalising leg massage

The draining massage has a beneficial effect on heavy  legs, for example after long flights or simply facilitates  beautiful, slim legs. Firming body gel ivy firms and  smooths the skin, camphor and menthol oil stimulates the skin’s microcirculation. Experience a new tranquillity and bring a touch of the Caribbean into your life – to finish, you can select one of three exotically fragrant body lotions.

Duration of treatment ~ 30 minutes


Soothing head massage with hair treatment

Experience tropical pleasure three times in one treatment, which combines the Sea Breeze products from Ligne St Barth together in one care ritual: the purifying footbath with maritime Blue Lagoon shower lets your thoughts wander to far-off lands. The head massage with premium care oil richly pampers the scalp and hair with its fragrance blend of vanilla and jasmine. Sunsplash completes this harmonious trio and tones the skin with grapefruit, exotic fruits and Caribbean peacefullness.

Duration of treatment ~ 45 minutes


Fragrant beauty bath

An individual beauty bath and a blend of three specifically  selected fragrances : mild shower gel vetiver and lavender is mixed with the desired body oil and the desired body lotion from Ligne St Barth to form a nourishing and relaxing bath oil. A cleansing ritual and sensual experience: the bath nourishes the skin and gives it a velvety scent and glow.

Duration of treatment ~ 20 minutes


Gentle face and neck treatment with partial-body massage

A sophisticated face and neck treatment that includes a gentle cleansing and exfoliation, a revitalising massage  and a clarifying mask. The combination of fresh tropical  fruits and high-quality oils, lotions and gels is particularly effective and enchanting with its delicate textures and exotic aromas. As soon as the mask, made of clay and cucumber mousse, takes effect, a partial-body massage of your choice ensures relaxation.

Duration of treatment ~ 90 minutes


Invigorating face and neck treatment with hand massage

A complete face and neck treatment followed by perfectly tailored skin care products. Cleansing, toning and exfoliating are inspired by the fragrant blossoms and fruits of tropical gardens. Camphor & menthol oil, firming body gel ivy and a luxurious product mix provide a revitalising face and neck massage. While the clarifying mask takes effect, close your eyes and enjoy a soothing hand and arm massage.

Duration of treatment ~ 60 minutes


Deep-cleansing face and neck treatment with hand massage for men

A sophisticated face and neck treatment for men consisting of cleansing and exfoliation, a face and neck massage, relaxing face mask. It is based around the skincare series Ligne St Barth Homme, specially developed for the needs of men’s skin, such as the moisturizing facial fluid that supports elasticity and tones. Refreshing aloe vera gel and firming body gel ivy are also used. While the clarifying clay mask takes effect, a hand massage ensures relaxation.

Duration of treatment ~ 60 minutes


Relaxing back massage followed by head, face and foot massage

Four targeted massages provide relaxation and a sense of well-being: the back massage with camphor & menthol oil has both a relaxing and stimulating effect. More than just a regenerating effect for demanding male skin: the intensive manual massaging motions to the head, face and feet with hydrating aloe vera gel, firming body gel ivy and moisturizing facial fluid lend the body and spirit renewed strength and vitality.

Duration of treatment ~ 60 minutes


Soothing care treatment for the hands

This gentle hand treatment begins with an exotically fragrant hand bath. Exfoliation with fresh papaya mousse and fine sand then helps to remove superficial dry skin. A hand massage ensures a moment of profound relaxation. Cuticles and fingernails are then pampered and treated.

Duration of treatment ~ 45 - 60 minutes


Soothing care treatment for the feet

Foot care  for enjoyment and well-being – starting with an  exotically fragrant footbath. Exfoliation with fresh papaya mousse and fine sand helps to remove superficial dry skin. A foot massage with gentle pressure provides relaxation and stimulation. Finally, cuticles and nails are pampered and treated.

Duration of treatment ~ 45 - 60 minutes