Discover our elixirs from paradise.

The originals

St Barth Huile de Coco, Huile d’Avocat and Gel d’Aloès: in the brand’s early years, its first few products were packaged in traditional rum bottles hand-labelled using gold pen. They were carried to the beach in a suitcase and offered to visitors from overseas – their desirability and success quickly spread all around the world. Now, more than three decades later, the Heritage Collection pays tribute to Ligne St Barth’s three classics. They celebrate a passion for an idea: let people indulge in Caribbean well-being.

Ligne St Barth focuses on people and their well-being – our unmistakable spa concept combines Caribbean peacefullness with feel-good pampering. The softness of an exfoliating treatment, the warming oil during a massage, the refreshing kick of a body splash – the interplay of fine elixirs and luxurious relaxation rituals pamper both the body and soul. 

A Ligne St Barth spa treatment is also a promise to fulfil the highest standards of individuality and authenticity. Today, we live our philosophy together with selected spa partners in the best wellness destinations around the world.